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Are flights included in the tour package ? 

Our packages DO NOT include international flights. 

Do I need a membership to travel with you guys?

No there are no requirements to join a trip all are welcome to join us.

Whats the difference between " Double Occupancy & Single Occupancy"

Double occupancy rooms have two double/single beds available in one room which will be shared between two travellers. If you are joining alone you will be paired with another solo traveller. Single occupancy rooms are private rooms with one large double bed and only have one occupant. There is an additional fee for single occupancy rooms which can be paid one month before your trip.

When do I book my flight ? 

Due to the unpredictability of Covid-19 related travel restrictions, we recommend that all guests book their flight once we've sent out our green light for flight bookings. Usually that at the 8weeks-pre travel. We will not be responsible for costs ensured due to trip date changes.

What is my arrival airport ? 

This information will be sent to you once you have completed and submitted your sign up form. Otherwise can be found on each destination information page.

Do I require any vaccines to join a trip ? 

We Love Travel does not require any vaccines to join a trip however, vaccine requirements per travel destination must be applied and followed accordingly. Please consult with your travel health advisor as vaccine requirements differ with each country we are hosting tours in.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind ? 

Unfortunately due to vendor agreements, contracts and pre-paid non refundable bookings for tours. We do not issue any refunds. You may however find someone to take your spot on the trip. We do allow name changes within a certain window. All deposits are non refundable on all booked trips. If your booking is cancelled by us meaning we will no longer be hosting the entire trip and only if the trip will NOT be rescheduled only then may you be refunded excluding your deposit.

Do you accept trip transfers ? 

Yes, if you'd like to join us in another destination after booking a trip you may do so no later than 3 months to your initial trip start date. Transfers are permitted for trips within the next 12 months. 

Do I need Travel Insurance ? 

Travel insurance is now mandatory to join a trip with us. We absolutely recommend that every traveler gets travel insurance with the option of trip cancelation cover. We will NOT take responsibility for any unforeseen circumstances, cancelations, fees or inconveniences for flights and other expenses in the unlikely event that a trip be postponed or cancelled. Travel insurance with the option for trip cancellation is required to attend all trips.

Where exactly will we be staying ? 

All We love travel trips accommodations are 4/ 5* villas or hotels with the best hospitality and service to accommodate all our guests.

Can I join your trip as a solo traveler ? 

Absolutely! We welcome all types of travelers, this is going to be one of the most memorable experiences you’ll have, you’ll meet other solo travelers who are like minded. The environment is balanced and perfect for those traveling alone. You are sure to leave with life long memories and friendships.

Do your trips only cater to women ? 

No , most of our trips are co-ed, Unless stated otherwise. Majority of those attending our trips are women.

Will I have time to do my own exploring ? 

Absolutely , each day has its own “free time” and the trip itself will consist of a full free day to yourself. You can also skip tours if you don’t really feel up to it , its your travel experience after all, we are here to make sure you have the best experience. Your days are as flexible as you want them to be.

How do I join your trips ? 

Simply click on the "Book Now" button, submit your information and make your first deposit. You will then receive a booking confirmation mail within 24 hours, and you're all set !

Do you have payment plans available and what are my options ? 

Each trip we are hosting has a different payment plan available, ranging from once off payments 3 , 6 , or 10 instalments. Payment details are available on each tour Itinerary.

Are there any private rooms available ?

Yes, private rooms are available on every trip for an additional fee. Select ” Single occupancy” on your registration form. If you have already paid for double occupancy and would like to upgrade, Please contact us. Private rooms are limited.

What is the average age of your travelers? 

Between 20 – 50

What group numbers can I expect ? 

We are a boutique group travel agency, our numbers can range between 4 - 18 travelers depending on the trip. You can always get a group number update from your host.

For any other questions kindly contact us here.

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